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Show & Tell for Kindergarten 2

These days, children are under tremendous pressure to do well academically, hence most of them tend to do much better in listening, reading and writing rather than speaking. However, regardless of how well your academic results are, the ability to express yourself confidently and clearly is a basic life skill that will enable your child to succeed better in life.

Most children tend to be more open and easy going at a younger age and this is the best time to encourage them to speak up in front of a group of people (students) and in allowing them to express themselves freely instead of sitting in classrooms and only be on the receiving end.

Our Show & Tell Programme for K2 is designed to

• Enhance your oral skills (Pronunciation, Projection of voice)
• Improve self-esteem/self-confidence (Posture, Eye Contact)
• Develop social skills (Mingle with children in the class)
• Encourages fun learning!

The programme allows students to talk about various pre-determined topics from narrating a recent incident to a photograph, an art piece that they made, a book from the school library and can even be a surprise item from the teacher! All with an objective of making learning Chinese Fun!