Our Programmes

Sentence Structure programmes range from Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 1.

This programme is specifically designed to give your child a headstart in speaking/writing Proper Mandarin. Students will learn to recognise basic sentence structure and acquire the necessary skills to converse and write in complete sentences.

Basic Chinese grammar will be introduced and students will be taught the correct word order. Through different permutations and repetitions, we aim to equip students with the ability to speak and write in proper sentence structures. Thereafter, they will advance to learn to mix-and-match sentences and as a result enhance their language expression in Mandarin.

Example: 我的手。With Sentence Structure practise, students will learn:我的头、我的口、我的爸爸、我的书包。

With mix-and-match sentences practise, students will learn:我的书包, 我有书包, 我的眼睛。我用眼睛看一看。

Under the programme, there will be an extensive use of picture cards, live video clips and role play games to encourage the kids to speak up in complete Chinese sentences. We hope that through this programme, kids will enjoy conversing in Chinese and become confident and fluent Mandarin speakers!