Our Programmes

Primary School programmes range from Primary 1 to Primary 6.

At the Primary Level, children will start to transition from simple to more complex Chinese characters and move towards applying and analysing the characters taught. This is a stage where learning is more intensive and we start to use more interactive mediums of teaching and encourage collaborative learning.

The programme is designed based on the latest MOE syllabus with a focus on language skills which includes Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. This encompasses:

Listening 听 Children listen to short stories or songs and/or watching short video clips

Speaking 说 Children are given hypothetical / real life situations and presents their views/thoughts

Reading 读 Children are encouraged to read/understand short stories, idioms and famous proverbs

Writing 写 Children are taught creative writing & encouraged to be aspiring young authors

In addition, the core curriculum is supplemented by

• Han Yu Pin Yin
• Advanced Vocabulary
• Grammar and Sentence Structure.
• Assessment for Learning and Assessment of Learning (AFL and AOL)
• Intensive PSLE Drill and Practice

We also strongly believe in a more encompassing learning framework and would include non core programmes like

• Understanding the Chinese culture.
• Speech and Drama
• Creative Story Telling and Writing

The methods include:

• Vocabulary learning through flashcards and interactive educational tools.

• Show and tell, ICT and collaborative social platform.

• Multi-dimensional learning through various activities.

• Role play, Problem solving games, Comics, Drama.

• Learning materials and worksheets practice in class.

• Focus on PSLE examination syllabus and techniques.

• Systematic learning package.

What Parents Say:

Being Japanese, Sakura was never really conversant in Chinese. When she first came to Yang, she was a very shy girl and hardly speak the language. The teachers at Yang Yang have been very patient with Sakura and now she is getting more confident in Chinese. I am particularly impressed by the classroom materials. They use a lot of video clips and presentation materials as well as various interactive activities which I believe has make the lesson more interesting and hence engaging for Sakura. I am very happy with her improvement”

Poh Lin Uchikawa (Ballet School Principal)

“I first learnt of Yang Language School from my sister. Both my children have attended other Chinese classes, including one on one Chinese tuition, all of which they dislike. Trying out Yang was yet another gamble as I feel the need for my children to be exposed to Chinese. Imagine my surprise when both of them came out of their first class smiling and eager to come back again for the next class. I realised then that the teaching methods at Yang are very unique. The lessons are conducted by incorporating a series of achievable small kinesthetic activities that spurs the children on. This fun yet incremental learning comes via many different mediums including singing, building, craft and interesting worksheets. The teachers are very professional and more importantly, caring and engaging. The centre manager is also very accommodating and friendly, helping to tweak lessons times to suit the schedule of my children. My children are happy to come daily and I can see significant improvements after just a few lessons. WELL DONE Yang Language School. Thank you for kindling the love for Chinese in my 2 children!”

Irene Kng (Junior College Lecturer)

“We are a Swiss family and our two children Elliott (5) and Eva (4) have been attending Yang Language School. Both children are taught by wonderful teachers who go above and beyond to ensure that each student will become a fluent Mandarin speaker. I would love to see more teachers with such passion to be kind, understanding and with the ability to adapt to their students’ needs.”

Arlene Scherwey (Charles & Keith regional manager for Asia Pacific)