Our Programmes

Pre nursery programmes range from 18 months to 3 years.

This programme is designed to give an early head start for all pre nursery children into the world of mandarin learning. Lessons are thematic based and specially designed to make learning fun and interactive. 

Key objectives: 

Cognitive Development – A) Build thinking and  and reasoning skills ie sing songs, identify sounds, recognise objects, colors, shapes etc. B) Encourage creativity  ie pretend play. C) Instill an inquisitive mindset  ie. allow kids to ask questions rather than just listen 

Social and Emotional Development   A) Encourage interaction with other kids through parallel play B) Learn how to express emotions through role play

Communications Development –  A) Greetings B) Listening and following instructions 

Motor skills development – Activities include copying, pasting, transferring, scooping, turning knobs, stacking block,  running and walking etc