Our Programmes

Oral & Communications programmes range from Primary 1 to Primary 6.

Effective communication is a crucial element of success in our lives. Having the proper oral and communication skills allow you to interact better and express yourself more clearly.

In a world where digital technology is the trend, people are relying more on mobile phones and tablets and communicating through text messages, emails etc. Hence, we need to instill the importance of face to face communication and how it will help to enhance our interpersonal relationships.

Our Oral and Communication programme is designed to first stimulate our students’ interest to speak in Mandarin, to guide them to speak in proper sentence format and hence acquire the confidence in speaking and expressing their views/opinions in Mandarin.

The programme focuses on 4 key aspects of effective communication:

1. Pronunciation
2. Tone and speed of reading as well as proper sentence structure
3. Understanding the passage/picture/video and focusing on the key points
4. Expression own opinions in a clear and concise manner

We hope that through our Oral and Communication programme, students will be able to articulate better in Mandarin in their daily lives and also able to impress the teachers in their Chinese oral exams in schools!