Our Programmes

Creative Writing programmes range from Primary 2 to Primary 6.

Creative Writing forms an essential part of effective communication. It complements our Oral and Communication course. Why is Creative Writing so important? It can range from writing to apply for an ivy league university to writing your resume or cover letter to writing a proposal or idea at work. Being able to write to impress is a skill that can be acquired with the right guidance and training.

The key aspects that we focus on under the Creative Writing programme include:

1. Intensive reading of various passages including newspapers, magazine articles and storybooks. The more you read, the more you learn.

2. Identify the key points in the passage and ask relevant questions. Encourage your kid to be inquisitive. The more you ask, the more you know.

3. Use of descriptive words, beautiful idioms and powerful phrases. In Chinese we call it 好词好句。

4. Plan the structure of the story. Use of picture cards or drawings to identify the format or sequence of story.

Through our Creative Writing programme, we hope that students will able to excel in their Chinese comprehensions and compositions too in school!