Our Programmes

Conversational Mandarin for Adults

Our Conversational Mandarin classes are specially designed for adults who are keen to learn Chinese for both business and/or personal use.

The programme covers Chinese dialogue, basic grammar, vocabulary and expressions. It will also encompass communication etiquette and greeting formalities. Classes held are immersive and interactive, enabling students to speak Chinese to one another.

Courses are broken down into 3 levels. We offer from Beginner (Level 1 to 3) to Intermediate (Level 1 to 3) to Advanced levels. Each class level develops various skill sets to help advance you to the next level.

The classes are conducted around familiar topics which are designed to be as relevant as possible to our daily lives and/or real life scenarios. This is to allow students to be able to apply what they learn to their daily lives both at work and at home.

At the end of the course, students will be able to construct basic sentences with proper grammatical structure through the correct use of verbs and hence eventually be able to converse confidently in Mandarin!