Our Programmes

Our teaching philosophy follows the Bloom’s Taxonomy way of learning.

The curriculum is designed to follow a six step process which allows the students to 1) Acquire the basic knowledge ⇒ 2) Understand the concepts ⇒ 3) Learn to Apply ⇒ 4) Analyse the language acquired.

And at a later stage of learning, the curriculum will focus on the ability to 5) Evaluate the various possibilities of using the language ⇒ 6) think out of the box (Be Creative) when it comes to applying their knowledge in their daily lives.

This comprehensive framework aims to help the students navigate the art of learning Chinese successfully. A strong foundation is crucial in every level based on Bloom’s Taxanomy (each level increases in difficulty) before the students progress on to the next one. We take great care in understanding and evaluating each student’s level of Chinese knowledge. Experienced teachers plan and customise lessons to match the students’ competency and help them to improve further at every stage of their learning development.


以此为基础,我们把语言的学习分成两个阶段。第一阶段是让学生初步认知能力与作答技巧. (Basic thinking skills)(知识knowledge、理解、understanding应用applying与分析analysing)而第二个阶段是涉及深层思考Higher order thinking与分析能力analysing,并训练学生能举一反三的能力。Creativity(评卷与创新)



• 思维导图教学法。(知识的掌握)
Mind Map.

• 互动式教学法。 (知识的应用)
Collaborative learning.

• 多向思维教学法。(综合与创新)
Multi-Dimensional thinking.

• 结合科技教学。
ICT in teaching and learning.

In addition,

All our Teachers are highly proficient in Chinese and hold a professional diploma/degree in the Chinese Language.

Our curriculum has been designed by a group of very experienced MOE teachers to ensure it is aligned with the latest MOE syllabus and with an aim to prepare the students for the next level of education and eventually in the workforce.

Each lesson plan is meticulously planned by our team of teachers to incorporate the latest teaching theory and pedagogy combined with the use of art and props to stimulate the children’s interest in Chinese.