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“I would like to update on Brendan’s progress with Cai Lao Shi since he started lessons with her in Dec 2021. We noticed that after a few weeks being with Cai Lao Shi, he started to show pretty good improvement especially in areas of Oral and Composition. Cai Lao Shi said that he spoke more in their recent Oral practice which is a good improvement for him. As for composition, he has also written more than the first composition than he did previously.
Brendan has also started additional Oral Zoom lesson with Yang Language to boost his Oral practice. We hope that Brendan continues to improve in all areas of Chinese at Yang Language during these few months prior to PSLE.
We would like to thank Yang Language for trying their best to help Brendan. It is great that your centre offers separate oral boosters for students who require extra Oral practices. It really helped Jayden a lot back in 2020 too.” – Mummy Mrs Lee
“Leanne is in P1 this year. Since the start of Covid with the constant HBL, we were very concerned with Leanne’s chinese learning. Our fears were allayed with Leanne under the tutelage of Yang Language School. The zoom learning during lockdown and physical classrooms lessons were all well conducted. Her teacher is very dedicated and patient. She is always making sure Leanne understand her teachings and not rushing through the lessons. We felt this is the right enrichment school for her.” – Mummy Mrs Lim
“Jayden joined Yang Langauge School since K2. Now he is in P2 and we are glad to start him early. His Primary school teacher always feedbacked to us that he has a strong foundation in Chinese. We are glad to choose Yang Language School as the school has a strong curriculum and always pay extra attention to his weak areas.” – Mummy Elaine Ng
“Our son was P2 last year when we signed up with Yang Language School. He was very weak in his Chinese and he cant even speak a proper sentence. After 2 terms at Yang, we were very amazed he can now speak and write proper sentence. The Bloom Taxonomy approach adopted by Yang works as they are able to pin point the lacking areas of our son and work on it. Thanks Yang Language School!” – Daddy Mr See
“My daughter hated going for chinese class before we came to Yang. We were at a previous tuition centre where the class size was bigger and she couldn’t catch up with the rest of class. She was skeptical when we signed her up for Yang. Thanks to 蔡老师 who has been very patient with her. The teacher also tried to customise homework for her to help her with her weaknesses. I also receive feedback on her progress every week. She now looks forward to her class every week at Yang!” – Mummy Mrs Lau
“Since Jayden started classes at Yang Language School when he was P5, to be honest, his improvement was gradual but slow in his Oral and overall. His teacher helped feedback to me in areas which needed to watch out for.
For SA2 last year, I signed him up for extra Oral booster prior to the exam. He scored a 43/50. He continued to do pretty well for his Oral prelims. And, for the recent PSLE exam, the topic that Jayden got was what his teacher went through with them in class before the exam. The notes prepared by her was really good as Jayden found it easy to remember, and was able to apply in his stimulus conversation. He was very happy!
His teacher’s notes proved to be effective for Jayden as the layout is easy to read, friendly to the eyes and during those weeks of extra oral sessions with her, she ensured that they are familiar with the topic and all the points needed to discuss during their stimulus discussion.
I would like to thank Lao Shi and Yang for helping Jayden in the best possible manner, and at the same time not to overwhelm and “scare” him with just words.” – Mummy Mdm Kang

“Yang Language School has been very helpful in helping my K2 son transit during this Covid period. He attended zoom classes during the lock down but couldn’t sit still. The school actually arranged for additional complimentary makeup classes for him to make sure he catch up with the rest of the class. And 左老师 is always very engaging hence we have no issues in sending him for Chinese classes twice a week!”- Mummy Jessie

“Dear Yang Language School, my husband and I would like to personally thank the quick response of the centre. I will like to say that we appreciate the centre’s suggestion for make up lessons on TOP of the online lessons to ensure the students have meaningful learning. Honestly some centres do not do so and for this we are very touched by the gesture and thought. Please stay safe and thank you. Would also like to thank the dedication of your teachers too!” – Mummy Wu

“My son attended Yang Language School since he was K1. This school helps students adapt to a different learning and requirement system, always ready to help the child overcome the hardships of the learning process. He is Primary 1 this 2020 and we are sure he is ready for his primary school mandarin journey. We are very happy to enroll our second child this year. Thank you Yang Language School” – Mummy Tania Cheng

“We are very happy to have chosen Yang Language School for both our children P1 and P3 for their mandarin enrichment classes. The learning environment is conducive with small class size and the teachers are dedicated. Most importantly the children are happy.” – Mummy Mrs Tan

“We enrolled our beloved daughter since she was K2. She is in P1 this year and we are very glad to start her early with Yang Language School. We can actually see that she is way ahead of her peers in Mandarin. The school’s curriculum not only cover MOE syllabus  but beyond that which is what we are looking for. Thank you Yang Language School and her Lao Shi Ms Chua!” –  Mummy Jeanette Chong

“We were recommend to Yang Language School by a parent from our class group chat. The review was teachers are dedicated and student shown great improvement in their Mandarin in area of speech and writing and most importantly interest in learning. My P1 girl always barely pass her class test so we decided to try out for a term to see if it helps. After a month of class we noticed she started to converse in full sentences and recognizing words better. Her primary school Mandarin teacher also noticed the change in her and feedback to us. We are very happy with the school!” – Mummy JL Ng

“We did our online research for some time to find the best Mandarin enrichment school that will fit our K2 son and we are very glad to find Yang Language School. Prior to this we tried some renowned schools but it didn’t help our son in mastering the language as the pace was too fast. Instead our son detest going for mandarin classes. Now he is enjoying his Mandarin lessons with the right pace and attention given.” – Mummy Cathy Lim

“Our 5-year-old’s Mandarin improved by leaps and bounds at Yang Language! The fun & games approach combined with some more serious exercises was the perfect balance – and we appreciated the teacher’s mainland China accent! A more engaging alternative to other mandarin schools … we highly recommend it!” – Daddy Greg B

“I would like to compliment and appraise Yang Language School for teaching Adelle 刘恩廷 in the K1 class every Sunday 1.30pm -3.00pm. Recently, Adelle has started speaking perfect Chinese sentences randomly. Given that the learning environment is conducive as it is not a big group, I can see Adelle benefiting from the lessons.As such, I hope to see Adelle blossom under the teaching of Yang Language School.” – Mummy Celine Tan

“Yang Language school always put the child ahead in their curriculum. They were able to adapt the curriculum to get my son excited with the Chinese language. The teacher also made it a point to debrief with me after each class on my son’s progress. That helped me to guide him better across the week in preparation for the next week. Thank you Yang Language School!” – Daddy Mr Liew

“I would like to thank Yang Language School for the great quality teachers that they have in their school. Operationally they are very accommodating to our busy schedule and makeup lesson for my 2 kids (P1) & (P5). My kids didn’t come from a mandarin speaking background, and had been to another language/tuition centre prior to Yang. After switching to Yang Language School for only 6 months, I noticed that there is a change in my kid’s attitude towards mandarin, they no longer detest the subject and even started to use mandarin in their daily conversation. Many thanks to both Jessie & Jaren teachers’ for their patient teaching, guidance, and for being so encouraging and detailed in their teaching. My appreciation to the operation manager for been so accommodating to my schedule and support. It is a quality school that as a parent I will not hesitate to recommend to others.” -William

“My 9yrs old daughter Beatrice has been attending weekly lessons at Yang Language School as her after school activity and integration to the Chinese classes running at her International school. We chose the school for the convenient location at Turf City. The school is very professional and flexible since the beginning, as they customized the level after a short interview and they managed to arrange the day and time of the lesson to fit her brother’s activity time. For me as a parent it was a pleasure to see my daughter going to her Chinese class with constant high motivation and also to hear from her that she’d like to initiate a new term, when the first finished. The teacher was able to expand her vocabulary and give her more confidence, by presenting different topics connected with daily life and leveraging on video or paper images to draw, in order to facilitate memorization. Each week, she could choose a Chinese book at the well equipped school library to practice at home with reading. I would recommend this school to friends!” – Jessica

“My daughter did not have much interest in the Chinese language prior to having lessons at Yang Language School. By chance of signing up for their classes at a road show, it has changed her interest for the Chinese language. My younger child joined another class a few lessons later and currently both of them enjoy their Chinese lessons very much! Now they will use the Chinese language in their daily conversation and has a keen interest in the subject matter. This will not be possible without the engaging lessons and teachers who are ever so patient and dedicated in ensuring my children develop a love for the language first. They are committed and will pace the lesson according to my child’s ability. This definitely helps in their improvement within a short span of time. Unlike other commercialized popular centres, the teachers at Yang Language School understand the learning needs of my children. They are also assuring and friendly. With confidence given to the children, the results and improvement came along. I will strongly recommend Yang Language School to parents who are looking for more than a one size fits all lesson. – Samantha, JC lecturer

“I was looking out for Chinese enrichment classes for my now 4 year old daughter last year, when I chanced upon Yang Language School (Yang). They agreed to let my daughter do a trial and we signed up for lessons after they agreed to our preferred timing – something which I really appreciate. My daughter enjoys her lessons at Yang. Her Lao Shi is passionate in her teaching and patient with my daughter. I especially appreciate Lao Shi taking the time and effort to teach the correct sentence structure, instead of merely focusing on individual words or characters. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my daughter’s Chinese language skills; her pre-school teacher also commented that her Chinese has improved significantly since we started her at Yang. Kudos to the entire team at Yang!”- Angela Chu


“My son started at Yang Language School 6 months ago when he was around 4 yrs old. We have been really pleased with the school, its curriculum, our Laoshi and her teaching style. Prior to Yang we have tried pure play based mandarin kindergarten, structured classes and bilingual kindergarten. But my son just disliked the subject. We immediately saw a change in his attitude when we started him at Yang. Within a few weeks he started singing in mandarin,  recognizing Chinese characters, remembering vocabulary and even responding to strangers talking to him in mandarin. We still have a long way to go since we don’t speak the language at home but we are really grateful to Laoshi for making the learning process fun for us. What I love about the school is the teachers really try to understand the students and customize their teaching style, which is not possible in a larger class setting and in a curriculum which doesn’t allow any flexibility. We really love the staff at the school! Its a fun, caring and relaxing environment. Exactly what it should be for little learners!”- Saika Rahman

“We always wanted our kids to learn Mandarin but have fun at the same time. Ever since we started at Yang Language School, our kids always look forward to attending their classes where they can learn and have fun with their interactive and enthusiastic teachers! The teachers are very passionate in teaching the children and they provide review materials and summarize everything the kids have learned. Yang has not only taught our kids the Chinese language, but more importantly, they instilled in them the love for learning Chinese. I would highly recommend Yang for everyone!” Lorah Lua SY


“I chanced upon Yang Language School via the internet. At that time, I was unsure whether my five and a half year old girl would be able to enjoy the class because she does not come from a Chinese speaking family environment and also whether the class timing fits in with our family’s other commitments. The school quickly helped to provide a suitable timing and most importantly, the school provided my girl with teachers who are very passionate in teaching. Every Saturday morning, my girl looks forward to go for her class. Her teacher, Zuo Lao Shi always exudes immense passion and enthusiasm. She is also very intuitive in her observation of my girl, such that she knows how to apply suitable creative methods to enrich my girl’s learning process. Within the first term in the school, my girl started to voluntarily read and borrow Chinese storybooks from the school’s library. I can see that my girl is starting to enjoy the Chinese language. This is an unprecedented milestone. Kudos to Yang Language School for making this possible.” –Vivien Tan

Being Japanese, Sakura was never really conversant in Chinese. When she first came to Yang, she was a very shy girl and hardly speak the language. The teachers at Yang Yang have been very patient with Sakura and now she is getting more confident in Chinese. I am particularly impressed by the classroom materials. They use a lot of video clips and presentation materials as well as various interactive activities which I believe has make the lesson more interesting and hence engaging for Sakura. I am very happy with her improvement” –Poh Lin Uchikawa (Ballet School Principal)

“I first learnt of Yang Language School from my sister. Both my children have attended other Chinese classes, including one on one Chinese tuition, all of which they dislike. Trying out Yang was yet another gamble as I feel the need for my children to be exposed to Chinese. Imagine my surprise when both of them came out of their first class smiling and eager to come back again for the next class. I realised then that the teaching methods at Yang are very unique. The lessons are conducted by incorporating a series of achievable small kinesthetic activities that spurs the children on. This fun yet incremental learning comes via many different mediums including singing, building, craft and interesting worksheets. The teachers are very professional and more importantly, caring and engaging. The centre manager is also very accommodating and friendly, helping to tweak lessons times to suit the schedule of my children. My children are happy to come daily and I can see significant improvements after just a few lessons. WELL DONE Yang Language School. Thank you for kindling the love for Chinese in my 2 children!” –Irene Kng (Junior College Lecturer)

“We are a Swiss family and our two children Elliott (5) and Eva (4) have been attending Yang Language School. Both children are taught by wonderful teachers who go above and beyond to ensure that each student will become a fluent Mandarin speaker. I would love to see more teachers with such passion to be kind, understanding and with the ability to adapt to their students’ needs.” –Arlene Scherwey (Charles & Keith regional manager for Asia Pacific)

“I wanted to find an enrichment class for my son to cultivate his interest in Chinese. I found that Yang Language has a different teaching approach as well as providing a conducive learning environment. My son loves spending some time browsing magazines and books (all in Chinese) in the cosy reading corner. There is also a playroom where he can go after his lessons. The centre manager understands my son’s needs so he customised the lessons to suit him. When I revisit the lessons with him, he can easily remember the characters and contents. A good communication is established between parents and the school, which helps to track his learning progress. My son is happy to come here twice a week because it’s about having a good time and fun experience while learning Chinese” –Florence Lam