About Us

At Yang Language School, we strongly believe that learning should start from young and encourage early childhood development of the Mother Tongue Language.

Our curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation for the pre-schoolers and aligned with the latest MOE syllabus for the primary school level.

We follow the Bloom’s Taxonomy way of learning which includes a six step process: Acquire, Understand, Apply, Analyse, Evaluate and to Create.

More importantly, our enrichment classes are designed to be as fun and interactive as possible through use of visuals, musicals and social media in order to make learning more enjoyable so that we can develop the love for Chinese among our students!


Our Vision: To foster an environment where everyone embraces Chinese in their daily lives.
我们的展望:  塑造一个用母语交流的语言环境

Our Mission: To provide an interactive yet enriching experience in learning Chinese through the use of creative teaching methodologies.
我们的使命:  以有趣生动的形式进行教学,并通过互动游戏引起学习兴趣.